FanshaweFunder is an innovative platform that brings the Fanshawe College community together to create, support and share fundraising campaigns aimed at enhancing the Fanshawe student experience. Funds raised advance learning, teaching and innovation at the College – including a focus on student experience and groups, athletics, faculty-specific initiatives and student awards and bursaries.

Whether you’re looking to lead a campaign you’re passionate about or donate to a Fanshawe cause close to your heart, FanshaweFunder makes it easy for you to make a tangible difference in students’ lives.

With FanshaweFunder, you can:

  • Discover campaigns launched by Fanshawe students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends of the College;
  • Make donations using a secure online form;
  • Share campaigns with others to generate interest for the campaign;
  • Keep tabs on campaign progress made toward fundraising goals.

Through the power of crowd-sourced philanthropy, the generosity of our engaged Fanshawe community becomes fully realized with FanshaweFunder. Thank you to all our supporters for your spirit of giving. Your gift – whether big or small – will ensure Fanshawe remains the best place to unlock student potential.