Grampa G.

Grandpa Groves

Merry Christmas Michael, Love Grandpa G !

Michael W. Groves Memorial Bursary

Theresa and John Vander Hoeven and family

We will always have our special memories and Albert will always be only a thought away.

Albert Knab Memorial Award

Kasey's Uncle Bob

We have the right and ability to practice our inherent rights as Indigenous People. These kits make it more accessible for Indigenous Students to reclaim their identity.

Care Packages for Indigenous Students

Campus Living Centres

Eshwar Parsan

Paula and David Grimes

Dee Morrissey

C. E. Allen Verleyen

Iain & Gillian Sneddon

Sara Bellaire

Chris and Jackie Hooper

Professor van Geel

Ontario Association of Certified Technicians and Technologists (OACTT)