Successful fundraising takes time, effort and drive. Before you decide to lead a FanshaweFunder campaign, consider these questions to determine whether personal fundraising is for you.

  1. Who will you reach out to?
    Achieving your fundraising goal means you’ll need to solicit donations from your network, which may include your family, friends, current or past colleagues and industry contacts. The good news is social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn make it easier than ever to connect with your network to ask for support. Or, you could connect the traditional way by phone, email or even in-person. Do you know enough people who will donate to your project to reach your goal? Whatever your outreach strategy, knowing who you’re going to engage with and request support from is important to consider before you decide to launch your campaign. 
  2. Who will be on your fundraising team?
    The larger and more diverse the network to leverage, the better the chances are for fundraising success. While we allow individuals to launch FanshaweFunder campaigns alone, the chances of reaching your fundraising goal is far greater with a strong team of enthusiastic supporters behind you to help execute and promote the campaign. 
  3. How will your campaign impact student learning and success at Fanshawe?
    Be sure to focus your campaign idea on a cause that will advance student success at Fanshawe in some way. Your idea may benefit student experience and groups, athletics, faculty-specific initiatives and student awards and bursaries – to name a few. It all boils down to how will your funding will make Fanshawe a better place for students to grow and learn for years to come.

Campaigns should be:
Specific – be clear about what you’re trying to fund.
Meaningful – to the Fanshawe community.
Attainable – ensure you can complete your project once you’ve reached your funding goal.
Realistic – your funding goal should align with your prospective donor network.
Time-bound – you should have a campaign period with a specific start and end date.

Feel free to make your case personal, compelling and from the heart, which may prime your network to support your important cause.

  1. Do you have what it takes to meet your fundraising goal?
    Fundraising requires dedication, creativity and actively communicating with your prospects. It also means keeping in touch with donors to provide updates on campaign progress. The more you engage your network, the more likely they will support your Fanshawe cause and share with friends.