2022 Unbound Fashion Show


The objective of this campaign is to raise money to support this year’s Fashion Design graduating class through the Unbound Fashion Show capstone event. Supporting the Unbound fashion team means supporting students who are learning to create change through sustainable fashion – a talented group of people that support the community in any way they can. Your support of this campaign will provide more opportunities for students to explore their passion, not only for this year’s class but also as an inspiration to future students.


Each year the Fashion Design program collaborates with many other programs at the College to produce a spectacular event known as the Unbound Fashion Show.
This year’s show will take place on April 14, 2022, and the theme is One=People+Planet which means our primary focus is on helping people and the planet through our sustainable collections.

By supporting students, you are supporting local businesses through endorsement, which, in turn, creates a more sustainable planet. This campaign will support Fashion Design students in their final year, where they each design, produce and showcase their collection.


Unbound is a culminating experience at the end of the Fashion Design program and will be referenced by many students as they go on to explore their future goals and aspirations.
Funds raised for this campaign will be used to offset costs related to the production of the Unbound 22 event as well as printing this year’s magazine, production of the final fashion film and submission into fashion film competitions. Without these funds, this year’s event will be limited to a much smaller scale, with a reduced budget to cover key initiatives.

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