Albert Knab Memorial Award


The Albert Knab Award was established by friends, family and colleagues in 2018. Created shortly after he passed away, the award honours the memory and character of Albert, a man who had a passion for life and a zest for the Agri-Business world. With initial award funding coming to an end Albert’s family would like to continue sharing his legacy with students wishing to begin their careers in the agri-business industry.


A man of ideas, Albert Knab threw himself into everything he did whole-heartedly. As a passionate farmer, surrounded by acres of farmland, Albert nurtured his love of the Agri-business world, developed and built relationships and honed his skills.

His natural business acumen and drive to learn and share more, led him on a journey as a Professor, then Coordinator for the International Business Management program at Fanshawe College. Inspired by the launch of the Agri-Business program in Simcoe, Albert used that as a model to establish a similar program for London and the surrounding region.

With the support of his colleagues, Albert worked tirelessly to establish the Agri-Business program in London. Through his infectious enthusiasm, determination and industry connections he was able to garner a great deal of interest from community members to support and teach the new program.

In April 2017 Albert stepped into the role as the Agri-Business Program Coordinator. He worked hard to prepare for the arrival of the first group of students to enrol. It quickly became clear that Albert’s initial instincts were correct. There was immediate and tremendous interest in the program, with September enrolment numbers bordering near 50 students. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience the many student and program successes along the way. Albert passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, August 13, 2017 – just weeks before the program’s first intake was scheduled to begin and well before he could see the program flourish.

To date, there continues to be an overwhelming demand for the Agri-Business Management program inspired by Albert Knab. Since its inception enrolment numbers have increased with alumni numbers reflecting upwards of 200 graduates each year.


Albert’s vision and commitment helped lay the foundation for a program which would provide exceptional student learning experiences. To help carry on his legacy, the family would like to continue inspiring and encouraging students pursuing careers in the agri-business industry. With a goal of $5,000, an annual award of $500 will be presented to a student in the agri-business program at Fanshawe College (London South Campus) for the next 10 years.

“In addition to acknowledging the recipient’s scholarly achievements, the Albert Knab Memorial Award is a wonderful way to recognize their enthusiasm for learning and volunteer efforts in the community.”

– Sandra Wilson, Coordinator, Agri-Business Management

“The Albert Knab Memorial Award acknowledges a remarkable individual with a passion for teaching and community, and in particular, Agribusiness. A contribution to this award helps to sustain this legacy for many years to come by supporting students in this field.”
Mary Pierce, Dean, Faculty of Business, Information Technology, Part-time Studies, London South Campus

Theresa and John Vander Hoeven and family

We will always have our special memories and Albert will always be only a thought away.

Caroline Muth


In loving memory

Marshall Leslie

Anna Knab

In memory of a good son

Erin Roy

I am proud of Albert and the many contributions he made to his community. Through this scholarship his legacy will live on at Fanshawe and support many deserving graduates. Albert would be thrilled about this!

Marion Knab, Marshall Knab and family, Anthony Knab and family

May Albert's love of learning continue in the students of Fanshawe College, past, present and future.