Heidi Wendler Memorial Award


The Wendler family hopes this award will inspire future students and community leaders to continue community outreach initiatives for those in greatest need.


Heidi Wendler was a free spirited wild child destined for a road and life of adventure, never planting her feet or resting her head in one place for too long. Heidi brought love, laughter, compassion and understanding to every person she met along her travels far and wide, making friends quickly and easily. She had a charisma and personality that would draw laughter from those she knew for mere minutes and those she loved and embraced as her family and friends. The Heidi Wendler memorial award is intended to recognize and support the efforts of a student who includes humanism, compassion and generosity in their approach to community involvement and improvement.

Heidi was a very talented athlete and excelled in basketball, baseball and karate reaching provincial levels of success and achievement. She was a team player in both a physical sense and keeping the teams morale uplifted. She could take a tense or troubled situation and turn it around with her dimpled smile, infectious laugh and quirky voices whether it was for a friend, a work colleague or family member.

After many years of a nomadic type lifestyle, Heidi’s life experience and need to help others in physical, mental or emotional need circled her back to an interest in post secondary learning and the Fanshawe program in which she enrolled. She had an interest in helping those with a troubled past, mental health issues and substance abuse. Although her time in the program was brief, she maintained a high academic standard of achievement and was able to take pride in her work and school successes.


An award in memory of Heidi Wendler will be established that will be presented to a student at Fanshawe College, Simcoe Campus, enrolled in the Social Service Worker program who promotes mental health care in the community.

William Beach

This award not only helps us to carry on your memory but it will continue to spread the light and love you shared with us all!

Nancy DiCarlantonio

In memory of our beloved niece.

Steven Collins

Carrie Stratford

Thinking of you now and always!!

Nicole Ryan

Out beyond the idea of wrong doing and right doing there is a field, I’ll meet you there - rumi

Elvis & Lori Howe

Melissa Sbrega

This memorial award allows the memory of Heidi Wendler to continue to be a voice and inspiration to the world.

The Douglas Family

May your love and passion reflect in the lives of others and make a difference in the world, as you would continue to.

Arno, Denise, Maizy Wendler

In honor of our baby. She is always loved.