Karen Kloibhofer Tools of the Trade Award


So much goes into making a great skilled tradesperson, time, passion, commitment, trust, confidence, and last but not least money. You need money to live, to go to school, to get other certifications, and to purchase the tools of your trade that are right for you.

That is why I wanted to create this award. I want each student in a skilled trade or apprenticeship program to have the opportunity to apply for an award that will help them become the best craftsperson in their chosen field that they can be.


To be a good skilled tradesperson, you must first be an apprentice. You need to be a hands-on, kinaesthetic learner, as well as a high functioning college-level student, who has the confidence and the patience to work side-by-side each day with mentors who want to pass along the skills of their craft to you, the next generation.



I wish you nothing but great success. Remember to have pride in your work, respect for the talents of others in their chosen fields, and remember, no matter how high tech our world gets, we will always need the skilled trades to build our infrastructures, our homes, our IT Highways, and continue to power and support all of mankind’s innovative ideas long into the future.

Congratulations! I hope this Tools of the Trade Award helps to kick-start your future.


Karen Kloibhofer
Co-op Consultant – School of IT

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