Michael W. Groves Memorial Bursary


Why we chose to start this bursary:

Michael cared deeply about his family and friends and it would be wonderful to extend that caring for others into the future. The family hopes that this bursary could be that helping hand, extended by Michael, to others striving to reach their goals or realize their passion.


A little about Michael:

Michael W. Groves (Little Michael, Monkey, Milkey Duds, Mikey G) was a very loving young man adored by all who knew him. He wore his heart on his sleeve and was dearly loved by family and many friends. At family gatherings, children sought him out because he was so funny and would play at their level; even when he shot over six feet tall. It took only minutes for little ones, friends or strangers to feel comfortable around him. He had a special bond with his Mom, Dad, Sister and Grandparents who loved and protected him. His sense of style was singular and reflected his distinctive personality. He enjoyed spending time with his many friends and living life to the fullest.

At a young age, Michael absorbed his dad’s infatuation with anything that had an engine (or anything they could put an engine on) and they spent many hours building, driving and repairing. When he got older it was all about derby cars. Find, prep, smash, big smile.


Funding target:

Our goal is to provide a bursary of $750.00 for a qualified student each year for a minimum of 5 years. If we exceed our goal we could consider awarding an additional student each year or extending a single bursary beyond 5 years.


This bursary will be awarded to a student who has attended a St. Thomas high school, demonstrates a need for financial assistance, and will be enrolled in a program at either of the London Fanshawe campuses or the St. Thomas Fanshawe campus.

Grampa G.

Love, miss you.

Grandpa Groves

Merry Christmas Michael, Love Grandpa G !

lorne porter

happy to help

Erica Langille

Still loved, still remembered.

Kyla Inger

Aunt Wendy

Donelda Groves

In Memory of Little Michael Love Grandma

Jeremy Groves

In Memory of Michael Love Uncle Jeremy

Rebecca May

In Memory of My Little Brother Michael Love Rebecca

Sandra Krafft

In Memory of Michael Love Grandma

William May

In Memory of Michael Love Papa

Michael Groves ( Grandpa )

In Memory of Little Michael LOVE Grandpa

Alma Witherow

Even though you shot up over 6 feet tall you will always be Little Michael to me. Love Great Grandma

Randi Elizabeth O’Hare

Anna and Peter Neathway

Shawna Stewart & Jack Myke

Missing you so much. Love you always!

The Skovrons

Miss you sweetie

Michael & Donelda Groves

a star gone dark departs, leaves many aching hearts. memorial giving, fuels stars still living, with love we do our part.