Military Connected Campus


Transition to post-secondary education for all students presents a number of complexities and challenges, one of which is financial. The opportunity to have a bursary for this group of mature students (military connected) may result in increased student well-being and program success. For CAF Veterans, a multidimensional problem is manifested with transitioning to civilian-life and post-secondary education. In transition alone, VAC (2017) found that 32% of releasing service members experienced a difficult move to civilian-life, which increased to 42% of Veterans when examining military rank and experience. This group is more likely to pursue training and education to become more competitive in the civilian sector.


The overall goal of soliciting the bursary is multifaceted. Research has shown that community involvement and awareness of military-connected students contributes to overall success. Therefore, sponsorship may be highly beneficial for the company, the college, and the student.
Based on an estimated 25 military-connected students per year, the proposed bursary is $250 per year for full-time students. In other words, a total of $6,250 per academic year.
The recommended criteria for the bursary are; the student must be enrolled in a full- or part-time program, be an eligible military-connected, be in good academic standing, frequent or multiple switches, drops, withdrawals and/or repeats of programs may be considered lack of academic progress and direction.


Military-connected students are an under-investigated phenomenon in Canada, where they face unique and distinct academic and social challenges upon enrollment in post-secondary education. In building an academic and social support framework that enables scholarship, the availability of a bursary may ease some anxiety and increase student well-being. The cumulative effect of securing a bursary to support the military-connected campus initiative significantly contributes to a positive learning environment

Mary Flannigan Hockin

Darryl G. Cathcart

Peter & Judy Devlin

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